Living history

V_thresherHarvest has been a season for rejoicing from the remotest ages. There is every cause for rejoicing at harvest time where the marvellous machine shown is used; it cuts the crop, threshes, bags the grain, and ejects the straw – a little different to the sickle and flail, man’s first harvesting tools. The International Harvester Thresher shown is drawn by a tractor, which also supplies driving power to the machine.
This Mechanized Age. Godfrey Phillips Ltd, 1936.

The present generation, brought up with giant combine harvesters with air-conditioned cabs, would find it difficult to believe that, eighty years ago, this represented the latest technology in agricultural machinery. Thankfully, enthusiasts in many parts of the world are dedicated to preserving these “marvels” in working order, keeping history alive so we can have some idea of what life on the farm was like in the Old Days.

Restored 1929 Fordson tractor at a vintage machinery display.

This 1929 Fordson tractor looks similar to the one in the first image. It was rescued from a children’s playground and restored to its original condition.

All of these photographs were taken at a popular two-day vintage machinery show last weekend.

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There were tractors of almost every make and model in various stages of repair but this one was unique.

Old rusting tractor with seat replaced by an arm chair.

Some people take their restoration projects less seriously than others.

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